How do I find a spiritual director?
The Angela Merici Center will be happy to help you find a spiritual director that will best meet your needs and desires or you may click here for a listing of spiritual directors associated with the Angela Merici Center.

Does seeing a spiritual director cost anything?
Most spiritual directors in the Louisville area do have a fee that might range from $50-$60 for an hour session.  However, most spiritual directors will offer financial arrangements when needed.

Suggested questions to ask a spiritual director
Here are some questions you might find helpful to ask a potential spiritual director:

  • Please explain spiritual direction to me?  (Even though you may have an understanding of what spiritual direction is this question will help you have an understanding of the director’s concepts about spiritual direction.)
  • Why did you decide to become a spiritual director?
  • What training have you received to become a spiritual director?
  • Do you regularly see a spiritual director?
  • What is “supervision” for a spiritual director?  Do you participate in ongoing supervision?  If not, why not?
  • What happens if we’re not a “good fit”? (After meeting with a spiritual director 3-4 times it is helpful to do an evaluation with these questions in mind:  Am I receiving what I need and desire in our time together?  Do I feel like I am being heard?  Does my relationship with this spiritual director feel like a good fit? If these things are not happening then it might be helpful to find another spiritual director. The spiritual director you are currently seeing may be able to refer you.)
  • What is your fee for this service?

To learn more:
If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality at 502-896-3945 or click here to email us.